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Lighting is a key component of curb appeal

Curb appeal can affect prospective buyers’ perception of a home. When addressing curb appeal, homeowners may be inclined to focus on features that are easily seen from the street during the day. But what can a homeowner do to improve on his or her home’s nighttime aesthetic?

Outdoor lighting is one aspect of curb appeal that is often overlooked, advises the home improvement experts at The Spruce. Homeowners may fail to recognize the importance of how proper illumination can provide their homes with a warm glow and make it look beautiful after the sun has set. For example, think of how cozy and inviting neighborhoods appear during the holiday season when homes are strung with twinkling lights. Homeowners can replicate that look all year long with lighting elements.

Lighting for evening hours also helps maintain a safe environment for people who are visiting the property. Illuminating walkways and doorways provides a clearly visible and safe path to and from the home.

The following are a few ways to improve outdoor lighting.
• Focus on architectural features. Outdoor lighting can focus on the external features of the home’s architectural style. Use light to draw attention to interesting gables, dramatic roof lines, dormers, or curved entryways.
• Play up landscaping. Stylish lighting can highlight trees, shrubs, pathways, gardens, and all of the elements of softscapes and hardscapes on a property. The lighting experts at Vernon Daniel Associates say that soft lighting can make homes feel warm and cozy. Uplighting trees or other elements can add a dramatic effect.
• Light up all doors. Make sure that doors, both entry and garage, are properly lit for ease of entry and egress from the home., a home and personal security resource, says a home burglary occurs every 15 seconds in the United States. Installing motion-activated lights or lights on timers can deter break-ins. Consider using home automation to control porch lights and other outdoor lights remotely, if necessary.
• Create entertaining areas. Outdoor lighting can be used to extend the hours residents can spend outside. This is great for entertaining and can be an excellent selling point.

Homeowners are urged not to overlook outdoor lighting as a vital part of their plan to improve curb appeal.

-Metro Creative Services